Use of powders and composites based on porous and crystalline silicon in the hydrogen power industry

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А. І. Manilov, S. V. Litvinenko, S .A. Alekseev, G. V. Kuznetsov, V. A. Skryshevsky
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Ukr. J.Phys. – 2010. – V.55, No.8. – P.928-935
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Ukrainian Journal of Physics
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Crystalline silicon powders, porous silicon (PS) fractions, and composites based on PS and Pd are studied from the viewpoint of their use as solid-state hydrogen sources. The H2 release was initiated by H2O:C2H5OH:NH3 solutions. A comparative analysis of these materials with respect to the total yield of H2 (i.e. total energy store) and the rate of its release (i.e. power) is performed. It is determined that the most effective material for such applications is A PS powder produced according to the electrochemical technology. It is shown that the treatment of PS and composites with gaseous H2 insignificantly influences the release of hydrogen from these materials. The effect of the NH3 concentration, temperature, and illumination on the kinetics of H2 release is studied.

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Кафедра супрамолекулярної хімії та біохімії
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