Toward Lead-Oriented Synthesis: One-Pot Version of Castagnoli Condensation with Nonactivated Alicyclic Anhydrides

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Ryabukhin, S.V., Panov, D.M., Granat, D.S., Ostapchuk, E.N., Kryvoruchko, D.V., Grygorenko, O.O
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ACS Combinatorial Science 2014, 16, 146−153.
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ACS Combinatorial Science
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multicomponent reaction; condensation; anhydride; aldehyde; amine; lead-oriented synthesis
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multicomponent reaction
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lead-oriented synthesis
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One-pot variation of Castagnoli condensation, that is, reaction of cyclic anhydrides, amines, and aldehydes, has been developed as a combinatorial approach to 1,2-disubstituted 5-oxopyrrolidine- and 6-oxopiperidine-3-carboxylic acids, as well as their benzo-analogues. Utility of the method to multigram preparation of building blocks and synthetic intermediates was also demonstrated. The final products are obtained in high yields and diastereoselectivity. The method fits well in the concept of lead-oriented synthesis; in particular, it can be used for the design of lead-like compound libraries, even if the strictest cut-offs are applied to the physicochemical properties of their members.
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Кафедра супрамолекулярної хімії та біохімії
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