Synthesis of Boc-protected 4,5-methano-beta-proline.

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Andriy V. Tymtsunik, Yevhen M. Ivon, Igor V. Komarov, Oleksandr O. Grygorenko
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Tetrahedron Letters Volume 55, Issue 22, 28 May 2014, Pages 3312–3315
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Tetrahedron Letters
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β-Amino acids; Proline analogues; Cyclopropane; Bicyclic compounds; Simmons–Smith reaction
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β-Amino acids
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Proline analogues
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Bicyclic compound
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Simmons–Smith reaction
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An efficient method for the preparation of Boc-protected 4,5-methano-β-proline—a novel bicyclic cyclopropane-containing β-amino acid—was developed, starting from readily available itaconic acid. A modified Simmons–Smith reaction was used for the construction of the cyclopropane ring. The method allowed for the synthesis of both cis and trans isomers of the title compound in 49% total yield and can be employed for gram-scale preparations. An approach to the preparation of methyl 5-oxopyrrolidine-3-carboxylate, which is one of the key intermediates in the synthetic scheme, on a multigram scale was also developed.
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