Local Field Effects in the Luminescence of the Cone- Like Nanohills

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V. Lozovski, A. Medvid, V. Piatnytsia
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Optics and Photonics Journal, 2012, Vol. 2, pp. 145-151 (2012)
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Optics and Photonics Journal
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mesoparticle, cone shape, effective susceptibility, imperfect array, luminescence
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Ключове слово: 
cone shape
Ключове слово: 
effective susceptibility
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imperfect array
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The main purpose of the work is to clarify the physical mechanisms which leads to the specific spectrums of the structures [1-3]. The work is based on the ideas of the effective susceptibility. The effective susceptibility of cone-shaped nanohills located at the semiconductor surface is obtained in the frame of local-field approach. The knowledge of the effective susceptibility allows to calculate the optical absorption profiles. Using the approach similar to Levshin rule the photoluminescence spectra were calculated. Obtained results were compared with experimental luminescence spectra obtained earlier. The significant machanisms, that define the peculiarities of the spectra, is the shape of the nanoclasters and the inhomogeneity of the nanohills array are justificated. The main issue of the work is that the cause of the luminescence spectrums has electodynamical nature without spatial quantisation effects.

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