Ferromagnetic spin-orbital liquid of dipolar fermions in zigzag lattices

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G. Sun, A.K. Kolezhuk, L. Santos, T. Vekua
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Phys. Rev. B vol. 89, issue 13, 134420 [6 pages] – Published 21 April 2014
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Physical Review B
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spin liquid, spin-orbital interaction, spontaneous magnetization
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spin liquid
Ключове слово: 
spin-orbital interaction
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Two-component dipolar fermions in zigzag optical lattices allow for the engineering of spin-orbital models. We show that dipolar lattice fermions permit the exploration of a regime typically unavailable in solid-state compounds that is characterized by a spin-liquid phase with a finite magnetization and spontaneously broken SU(2) symmetry. This peculiar spin liquid may be understood as the Luttinger liquid of composite particles consisting of bound states of spin waves and orbital domain walls moving in an unsaturated ferromagnetic background. In addition, we show that the system exhibits a boundary phase transitions involving nonlocal entanglement of edge spins.
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Кафедра математики, теоретичної фізики і комп-рних технологій
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