Evaluation of the Mechanism of the Gold Cluster Growth during Heating of the Composite Gold-Polytetrafluoroethylene Thin Film

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Konstantin Grytsenko, Valeri Lozovski, Galyna Strilchuk, Sigurd Schrader
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Nanomaterials, Volume 2, 7 November 2012, Pages 366-378
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nanocomposite; gold; polytetrafluoroethylene; optical spectroscopy; microscopy; thin film
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Nanocomposite films consisting of gold inclusions in the polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) matrix were obtained by thermal vacuum deposition. Annealing of the obtained films with different temperatures was used to measure varying of film morphologies. The dependence of optical properties of the films on their morphology was studied. It was established that absorption and profile of the nanocomposite film obtained by thermal vacuum deposition can be changed with annealing owing to the fact that different annealing temperatures lead to different average particle sizes. A method to calculate the optical properties of nanocomposite thin films with inclusions of different sizes was proposed. Thus, comparison of experimental optical spectra with the spectra obtained during the simulation enables estimating average sizes of inclusions. The calculations give the possibility of understanding morphological changes in the structures.

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Кафедра математики, теоретичної фізики і комп-рних технологій
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