Electronic properties of FET structures with QDs layer under the Gate area

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Ilchenko V.V., Lin S.D., Marin V.V., Tretyak O.V.
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Sensor Electronics and Microsystem Technologies, 2011, vol.2(8), No.1, p.79-84.
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Sensor Electronics and Microsystem Technologies
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field-effect transistors, quantum dots, GaAs/AlGaAs
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field-effect transistors
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quantum dots
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The field-effect transistor (FET) structures with quantum dots (QDs) layer placed close to the high electron mobility channel on the heterojunction GaAs/AlGaAs are investigated in this paper. It was shown that charge accumulated in QDs layer can essentially change the threshold voltage value needed to open the channel. Because of kinetic nature of capturing and emitting processes  in QDs the differential capacitance measured between Source and Gate has the specific view with  several maximums on C-V curves depending of the frequency of testing signal. Due to influence of  charge accumulation in QDs on the coefficient of transmission for the transistors with QDs layer  under the gate the FET structure demonstrates the effect of dynamical changing of channel conductivity.

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