Electrodynamic interaction between a nanoparticle and the surface of a solid

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Dmytro Kysylychyn, Volodymyr Piatnytsia, and Valeri Lozovski
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Phys. Rev. E 88, Issue 5, 052403 (2013) [12 pages]
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Physical Review E
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van der Waals interaction, nanoparticles, nonlinearity
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We study the interaction between a nanoparticle and the surface of a solid in the framework of the local-field method. Assuming that the nanoparticle is characterized by a finite nonlinear polarizability, we obtain the interaction potential that is repulsive at short range and has an attractive long-range tail. Our numerical analysis shows that this potential strongly depends on the shape and size of the particle. Further, we study the particle-surface interaction in the presence of a surface plasmon polariton propagating along the interface. It is shown that the excitation of the surface wave leads to a drastic (about one order of magnitude) increase in the binding energy. Potential applications of this effect are discussed.
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Кафедра математики, теоретичної фізики і комп-рних технологій
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