Dynamic configurational resonances caused by optical nonlinearities in ultra-fast near-field microscopy

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V. Lozovski, V. Vasilenko, G. G. Tarasov, C. Lienau, Yu. I. Mazur, and G. J. Salamo
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Journal of Optics, v. 15, N3, 035204 (13 pages), 2013
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Journal of Optics
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excitons, diffusion, Green’s function methods, near-field scanning optical microscopy, optical images, optical nonlinearities
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Ключове слово: 
Ключове слово: 
near-field scanning optical microscopy
Ключове слово: 
optical images
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optical nonlinearities
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green’s function methods

 The effect of optical nonlinearities on the formation of the near-field images over a semiconductor surface is studied by Green's function methods in the case of a nonequilibrium exciton distribution generated by a strongly focused laser pulse. It is shown that inclusion of the third-order nonlinear susceptibility in the system dramatically changes the near-field images if the excitonic system is in resonance. Our calculations predict the dynamic configurational resonances arising as peaks on a ~1 ps timescale in the intensity of the near-field image in the far-field pump–near-field probe experiments. For all other cases it is shown that the role of nonlinearity in the formation of the near-field images is insignificant. These results anticipate a further deep insight into exciton dynamics under incoherent nonequilibrium carrier distributions and provide better understanding of ultra-fast near-field experiments.


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