Charge-driven selective localization of fluorescent nanoparticles in live cells

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Serdiuk, T. , Alekseev, S.A., Lysenko, V., Skryshevsky, V.A., Géloën, A.
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Nanotechnology. 2012 Aug 10;23(31):315101
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Covalent grafting of amino groups onto the carboxylic acid functionalities, naturally covering the surface of fluorescent nanoparticles produced from silicon carbide (SiC NPs), allowed tuning of their surface charge from negative to highly positive. Incubating 3T3-L1 fibroblast cells with differently charged SiC NPs demonstrates the crucial role of the charge in cell fluorescent targeting. Negatively charged SiC NPs concentrate inside the cell nuclei. Close to neutrally charged SiC NPs are present in both cytoplasm and nuclei while positively charged SiC NPs are present only in the cytoplasm and are not able to move inside the nuclei. This effect opens the door for the use of SiC NPs for easy and fast visualization of long-lasting biological processes taking place in the cell cytosol or nucleus as well as providing a new long-term cell imaging tool. Moreover, here we have shown that the interaction between charged NPs and nuclear pore complex plays an essential role in their penetration into the nuclei.

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