Науковий семінар: Micro-nano-structuring of surfaces, color and material appearance

Запрошуємо викладачів, науковців та студентів на семінар Інституту високих технологій 24 травня (четвер) о 14.15 в ауд. 37. 
Title: Micro-nano-structuring of surfaces, color and material appearance . 
Доповідач:  Prof. Nathalie Destouches, University of Lyon, University of Saint-Etienne
This presentation will give an overview of research activities and master programs in the fields of photonics, image, computer vision and color science at University of Saint-Etienne, France, and a focus on a scientific project carried out at Hubert Curien Laboratory: Controlling plasmonic systems with nanometer resolution over large non-planar areas with high flexibility and speed is of strategic importance for spreading their use in various industrial fields. Using light to trigger self-organization processes controlled by non-linear feedback mechanisms is a unique strategy to meet this challenge. Here, we compare the mechanisms behind the self-organized growth of silver nanoparticles induced by cw and fs lasers and we demonstrate that these laser marking techniques offer a powerful tool for engineering plasmonic colors and reinventing multidimensional image multiplexing. 
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