Cooperation between INSA (Lyon, France) and the TSNUK

In  May 27, 2013, Vice-Rector for Research of TSNUK, professor S.A. Vyzhva, Head of International scientific and technological cooperation and technology innovation, professor V.A. Zaslavsky, Head of Department of the Institute of High Technology, professor V.A. Skryshevsky, Senior researcher  S.V. Litvinenko had meeting with  Director of the Center for Technology Transfer INSA (Lyon, France) Dr. Marc Le Gal.
There was a fruitful exchange of opinions on cooperation between INSA (Lyon, France) and the TSNUK in the field of technology transfer, joint filing patents and grants, participation of students and researchers in joint projects carried out in the framework agreement on cooperation between TSNUK and INSA. The sides have expressed willingness to deepen cooperation in such promising areas as environmental monitoring, information technology, renewable and pure energy, new materials and biotechnology. The sides discussed prospects of results of joint development in the field of diagnostic tools, including the creation of "electronic nose" and microsystem devices, progress with those new specialization "Master of Microsystem design" at TSNUK in a frame of  joint project TEMPUS. French side agreed to assist the TSNUK researches in the search of  industrial partners in France for submission of joint grants to Science and Technological Center of Ukraine (STCU).
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