V. Lozovski

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Professor, Department Chair
Department of Mathematics, Theoretical Physics, and Computer Science
Тел.:+38 (044 ) 525-5530

List of recent publications

1. Semiconductor Physics
2. Physics of Low-Dimension Structures
3. Semiconductor Electronics
4. Fundamentals of Sensorics
More than 170 papers in international scientific journals representing experimental and theoretical results obtained within the following areas:

  • Theory of Solid State, Physics of Low-Dimension Systems
  • Optical properties of nanosystems including molecular layers at a surface
  • Theory of a local field including a near-field optics
  • Non-linear optics

Member of SPIE (The International Society for Optical Engineering)
Member of Ukrainian Physical Society
Supervision of PhD -projects:
Oleg Dimitriev: “The study of surface phonon-polaritons in ferromagnets” (1992)
Irina Baryakhtar: “Electrodynamics of ultra-thin films” (1994)
Yuri Demidenko: “Surface waves at the surface covered by molecular layers” (2007)
Galina Strilchuk “ Optical properties of metal and semiconductor nanoparticles in polymer matrixes” (2009)
Vasyl Vasylenko “Theory of Ultrafast SNOM for Semiconductor Surfaces” (2009)
EDUCATION (higher degrees)
University or equivalent Years attended Degrees Department of Physics Donetsk State University 1973-1978 Master (Theoretical Physics). Donetsk, Ukraine
Donetsk Physico-Technical Institute, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine 1980-1984 Ph. D. Student. Donetsk, Ukraine
Donetsk Physico-Technical Institute, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine 1985 Candidate of Sciences (Physics & Donetsk, Ukraine Mathematics) (equivalent of Ph. D.) in theoretical and mathematical physics.
Donetsk Physico-Technical Institute, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine 1994 Doctor of Sciences (Physics & Mathematics). Donetsk, Ukraine in Solid State Physics
Scientific employment and academic responsibility
Donetsk Physico-Technical Institute, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine 1980-1984 Ph.D. Student. Donetsk, Ukraine
Donetsk Physico-Technical Institute, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine 1984-1985Young Scientist. Donetsk, Ukraine
Institute of Semiconductor 1985-1994 Young Scientist, Scientist, Physics, National Academy Senior Scientist of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
Institute of Semiconductor 1994-2002 Leading Scientist Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
Kyiv National T.Shevchenko University, Radiophysical Faculty, Dept. of Semiconductor Electronics, since 2002, Professor  
Some selected publications
1. V.S.Lysenko Y.V.Gomeniuk, I.P.Tyagulski, V.Z.Lozovski, I.N.Osiyuk V.N.Variukhin, Electric field effects at the surface of high-temperature superconduc-tors, J.Phys.IV France.- 1998.-v.8.- p.Pr3-305-308.
2. F.G.Bass, V.Z.Lozovski, Van der Waals interaction of a molecule with semiconductor not in equilibrium, Phys.Rev.B.- 1998.- v.B58, N16.- p.10721-10727.
3. V.Lozovski, Local field equations in electrodynamics of systems of small particles, Opt. & Spectr.- 1999.- v.86, N1.- p.107-112.
4. S.I.Bozhevolnyi, V.Z.Lozovski, Self-consistent model for secons-harmonic near-field microscopyб Phys.Rev. B.- 2000.- v.61, N16.- p.11139-11150
5. A.V.Goncharenko, V.Z.Lozovski, E.F.Venger, Lichtenecker’s equation: applicability and limitations, Opt.Commun.-2000.-v.174, N1-4.- p.19-32
6. V.Lozovski, Susceptibilityes of nano-particles at the surface of a solid, Physica E.-2001.- v.9.- p.642-651.
7. A.V.Goncharenko, V.Z.Lozovski, E.F.Venger, Effective dielectric response of a shape-distributed particle system, J.Phys.: Condens.Matter.- 2001.- v.13.- p.8217-8234.
8. S.I.Bozhevolnyi, V.Z.Lozovski, Second-harmonic scanning optical microscopy of individual nanostructures, Second-harmonic scanning optical microscopy of individual nanostructures, Physical Review B, 2002, v.65, 235420
9. Yu.Demidenko, A.Kuzyk, V.Lozovski, O.Tretyak, A system of hidden quantum dots in the magnetic field: a near-field approach, J.Phys.:Condens.Matter. v.16, N4, pp.543-552, 2004
10. A.V.Goncharenko, M.M.Dvoynenko, V.Z.Lozovski, K.S.Kim, Local-field enhancement of spontaneous decay in nanosys-tems: some estimations for dielectric particles, J.Appl.Phys. B, 1007/S00340-004-1617-0 , 2004
11. Valeri Lozovski, Jonas Beermann, Sergey I. Bozhevolnyi, Modeling of second-harmonic scanning optical microscopy of molecular quasi-one-dimensional aggregates, Phys. Rev. B 75, 045438 (2007).
12. O.V.Tretyak, V.Z.Lozovski, Basic Course of Semiconductor Physics, vol.1. (textbook), Kyiv N.T.S. Unuversity Press, 338p, 2007
13. V.Lozovski, V. Vasilenko, G. Tarasov, Yu. Mazur, and G. Salamo, Near-field imaging of surfaces with Gaussian distribution of carriers, JOSA B, Vol. 24, Issue 7 (2007) pp. 1542-1548
14. V. Chegel , Yu. Demidenko, V.Lozovski, A. Tsykhonya, Influence of the shape of the particles covering the metal surface on the dispersion relations of surface plasmons, Surface Science 602 (2008) p.1540–1546
15. S. Bryhidyr, Z. Kazantseva, I. Kozyarevich, V.Lozovski, Percolation and transport properties of tetrasubstituted manganese phthalocyanine Langmuir–Blodgett films in the inhomogeneous lateral electric field, Surf. Sci. Vol. 602, 2008, p. 2435-2439
16. V.Lozovski, T. Rodionova, G. Strilchuk, K. Fatyeyeva, A. Pud, An estimate of shape distribution of small CdS particles with luminescence spectra, Physica E 40 (2008) p. 2977–2981
17.Optical Absorption of Nano-Composite Thin Films of Au in Teflon. Dmytro Grynko, Konstantin Grytrsenko, Valeri Lozovski, Mykola Sopinskyy, Galyna Strilchuk , Materials Sciences and Applications, vol.1, p.139-148, 2010.
18.The Effective Susceptibility Concept in the Electrodynamics of Nano-Systems, V.Lozovski, J. Comput. Theor. Nanosci. vol.7, p.2077-2093, 2010
19.Modelling of optical absorption of three-component nanocomposite thin films , K. Grytsenko, S. Khihlovski, V. Ksianzou, V.Lozovski, S. Schrader, and G. Strilchuk, Phys. Status Solidi B vol.247, N. 9, p.2244–2251, 2010.
20.Igor Iezhokin, Ole Keller, and Valeri Lozovski, Induced Light Emission from Quantum Dots: The Directional Near-Field Pattern, J. Comput.Theoret. Nanosci. vol.7, N1, p.281-288, 2010.
21.Local-field effects in magneto-plasmonic nanocomposites Yuri Demidenko, Denys Makarov, and Valeri Lozovski. JOSA B, Vol. 27, Issue 12, pp. 2700-2706 (2010)


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