About The Institute of High Technologies

Інститут високих технологій (ІВТ), Институт высоких технологийInstitute of High Technologies (IHT), founded in 2009, is the organizational, teaching and research Department of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University

The background of the creation of the Institute of High Technologies is the idea of fundamental interdisciplinary approach to prepare a new generation of scientists and teachers.

The main goals of IHT are: creating a comprehensive training system for a new generation of researchers capable to meet the challenges of modern science, to conduct research requiring fundamental interdisciplinary knowledge and creative thinking,  capable to work on the most modern research and production equipment; bringing together scientists and teachers to address the scientific and technical problems of today. The focus of our efforts is on the studies exploring the high-tech nature of the live matter and combining research in physics, chemistry, biology and technology; the R&D of new energy sources, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly ways of their use; design and creation of  devices, instruments, and systems based on new scientific developments.

From the very beginning of its existence, IHT is aimed at training a new generation of researchers,  distinguished by their broad- mindedness, creative thinking, innovative problem solving skills, understanding the need for close international scientific cooperation. The broad interdisciplinary  knowledge of natural science, along with a proper training in humanities, the psychological climate in IHT aim to promote the formation of highly professional, educated, intelligent, friendly professional capable of solving problems in various fields of human activity.

The Institute consists of four departments:

From September 1, 2010, the IHT started a Masters Program in the specialty "High Technologies" that is open for students with the background education in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. 

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