Department of Supramolecular Chemistry and Biochemistry

The Department offers excellent education in basics of Chemistry (General and Inorganic Chemistry, Quantum Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Polymer and Organic Chemistry) and in the disciplines at the crossroad of Chemistry, Physics, Material Sciences, Biology and Computer Sciences.

The teaching staff of the Department includes both experienced Professors with long career in education, and young scientists who actively research in the area of supramolecular science, medicinal chemistry, material science, nanotechnology. Highly professional technical staff provides assistance in practicum on laboratory operations, synthesis and analysis of organic compounds.

The research work is carried out in those areas of sciences which require interdisciplinary knowledge and professional skills. In particular, following research directions are most actively developed: study of supramolecular complexes by modern analytical methods; search for biologically active compounds; photonics of organic molecules; synthesis and study of peptides and peptidomimetics; structural studies of peptides in biomembranes; design of new multifunctional materials; chemoinformatics.

The scientific results made in the Department are published in high-impact international scientific journals. Students of the department actively participate in the research and are co-authors of many published papers

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