Department of Molecular Biology, Biotechnology and Biophysics


General research directions at the Department of Molecular Biology, Biotechnology and Biophysics include biophysical and biochemical mechanisms of biological processes at different levels of organization, mechanisms underlying interactions between biopolymers and small molecules, physical and chemical factors that influence cell metabolism, in silico design of novel bioactive substances , identification of target molecules and development of high affinity biosensors. 

The following research projects are currently active in our Department:

Physico-chemical basis of interaction specificity between nucleoprotein complexes, conformation changeability of nucleic acid components and proton transfer in elementary acts of protein-nuclar and nuclear-nuclear recognition; molecular dynamics of reproduction of  structure and  behavior of proteins and protein complexes.


Structural analysis of highli conservative proteins and study of their specific affinity. Classical (sequence analysis) and structural (structure analysis and behavior particularity) bioinformatics of the different type of nucleotide binding proteins.

Exon-intron architecture of genes that encode nucleotide-binding proteins.

Protein engineering, structural АРС bioinformatics.

Molecular mechanisms of aminoacil-tRNA synthethases (APC) in higher eukaryotes and functional dynamics nucleoproteins to recognization.

Protein engineering aimed at designing new proteins with unique characteristics.

New bioanalitical systems (biosensors) based on electrochemical and optical converters and biological material as sensitive elements.

Effect of biopolymers physico-chemical factors on the functional activity of immune system cells and microorganisms.

Study of molecular interactions between enzymes, substrates and inhibitors using  electrochemical sensors.  Research study on interactions between immobilized enzymes,  substrates and inhibitors and their kinetic characterisstics.

International research efforts include collaborations with laboratories in Russia, USA, Canada and other countries.

Department teaches the following courses: molecular and quantum biophysics, molecular biology, bioinformatics, biomolecular electronics, cell biology, natural therapeutic compounds and biomolecules, cutting edge biotechnology, biomedical technologies and other. 

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