Single Molecule Gordon Conference and Research Seminar 2014

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Saturday, 12 Липень, 2014 - Friday, 18 Липень, 2014
Gordon Research Conferences
Lucca (Barga), Italy
The Single Molecule Approaches to Biology Gordon Research Conference will be held in conjunction with the Single Molecule Approaches to Biology Gordon Research Seminar. Those interested in attending both meetings must submit an application for the GRS in addition to an application for the GRC. Please refer to the Single Molecule Approaches to Biology GRS web page for more information.

This conference aims to provide an interdisciplinary forum for biologists, physicists, chemists and engineers who have developed single molecule methodologies that can be readily applied to solve important biological problems. This emerging field of science attracts a young cohort of scientists who get a chance to interact closely with established leaders, promoting a creative environment of inquiry that greatly advances the field.

Early efforts of the single molecule community were almost entirely focused on developing new techniques. Now, and in large part due to this conference, single molecule techniques are rapidly occupying a central role in biological research at all levels. This transition was made possible by the availability and dissemination of robust techniques that use fluorescence and force probes to track the conformation of molecules one at a time, in vitro as well as in live cells. Single-molecule approaches have changed the way many biological problems are studied. These novel techniques provide previously unobtainable data on fundamental biochemical processes that are essential for all forms of life. The ability of single-molecule approaches to avoid ensemble averaging and to capture transient intermediates and heterogeneous behavior renders them particularly powerful in elucidating mechanisms of the molecular systems that underpin the functioning of living cells. Hence, our conference seeks to disseminate the implementation and use of single molecule techniques in the pursuit of new biological knowledge. In addition, the conference provides for a modern training ground for young scientists that wish to learn how to conduct interdisciplinary research. To encourage this exchange and networking amongst the junior scientists a two day Gordon Research Seminar is held prior to the conference.

Limited funding is available to assist graduate students and post docs with the costs to attend this meeting. Please send an email to the Chairs, Dr. Michelle Wang and Dr. Hermann Gaub before May 31, 2014 to be considered for this funding opportunity.

A list of preliminary session topics and speakers is currently being developed by the Conference Chair and will be available byDecember 3, 2013. Please check back for updates.
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