Optimization of enzyme biosensor for fructose determination

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“Bridges in life sciences”, 7th annual conference “Science and art for the advancement in medicine”
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Bridges in life sciences
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Biopolymers and cell. – 2012. – V. 28, 2 (suppl.) – P. 186
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V.N.Peshkova, O.Y.Dudchenko, S.V.Dzyadevych
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Кафедра молекулярної біології, біотехнології та біофізики
Fructose concentration in human fluids can indicate different diseases connected with fructose metabolism disorders in human organism. For example, high fructose concentration in blood of patients indicates hereditary fructosemia; in urine indicates essential fructosuria; in intes tine - fructose malabsorption. Today various methods are available for fructos e determination, but most of them suffer from diverse disadvantages: expensive equipm ent, time-consuming process, insufficient selectivity etc. Nowadays, mu ch attention is devoted to development of biosensors, modern analytical devices based on the combination of biolog ical component and suitable transducers. The co mbination of enzymes with electrodes creates enzyme electrochemical biosensors wh ich can provide simple, accura te, high specific, sensitive, fast, convenient and rather cheap determinati on of substrate. Moreove r biosensors can be easy miniaturized what makes them a pplicable for analysis in situ and in vivo .
Aim: The main aim of our work wa s study and optimization of analytical characteristics of conductometric enzyme biosen sor for fructose determination.
Methods: Enzyme electrochemical methods of fructose determination
Results: The new enzyme conductometric biosen sor for fructose determination in liquid samples has been developed by immob ilizing fructose dehydrogenase using glutaraldehyde on the surface of gold electrodes. Effect of pH of phosphate-acetate buffer solution and different concentr ations of mediator in bu ffer solution (0.5 – 10 mM ferricyanide) on responses of fructose biosen sors were investigated. The linear range of fructose determination was from 0.005 to 2 mM. Time of fructose concentration measuring was 1-2 min.
Conclusions: The new fructose biosensor showed good selectivity and high signal reproducibility. The developed fru ctose biosensors can be applied in medical diagnostics in future.
Keywords: fructose intolerance, fructose dehydrogenase, biosensor.
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